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Heart Centered Meditation

There are a variety of forms of meditation. I recently learned a “heart centered” meditation from Robert Sardello, author of the book “Silence”. Basically, the process consists of placing the part of you that is aware in certain parts of the body — in this case, the physical heart — such that one’s awareness comes form that specific area. This powerful experience brings a sense of gratitude– seeing things through the eye of the heart. In so doing, we actually experience our emotions fully as emotions, not as emotionality.  This opening can also have benefits for people and places around us as we share … Read more

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The Ice Bucket Challenge, Robin Williams, and Lessons Learned

The life and death of two prominent and beloved figures were brought into our national consciousness recently: Lou Gehrig and Robin Williams.  They brought joy to the lives of others through their respective careers in the limelight—one a professional athlete and the other an entertainer. They died in different ways. Gehrig died slowly and methodically from an illness that now bears his name.  Williams took his own life after a long struggle with depression, addiction, and perhaps a different chronic illness looming in his future. Williams’ death brought surprise and sadness.  We still ride the ripples as the media presents … Read more

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Finding the true self

Master teachers throughout history have repeatedly emphasized that part of our human experience is learning to live in alignment with our true, highest self while becoming mercifully aware of our false and limited seperate self. This is the heroes journey and requires cultivating our ability to witness what is going on internally and externally without getting caught up in judgement and fear. This type of journey has been confusing for me, as I thought it would be obvious and fixed as a fact with regards to what is the true and what is the false self. Then, it would just … Read more

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Beloved Community

There are 3 things that must be present in order for transformation to occur. One is a path that works. The other is being able to see that a person has followed that path successfully. The third is a community in which to practice. The community aspect has been the most difficult for me to find.  This beloved community does not need to meet in a room with walls, nor have a similar belief system. But in order to be beloved, it would seem that the community must be present, vulnerable and accessible. Here is a wonderful quote from American philosopher … Read more

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Transformation, Translational tools and Worship

Can transformation exist without translation?  What does this have to do with worship? Some thoughts: When a caterpillar goes through the process of becoming a butterfly, it just knows how to go into its cocoon instinctually. While in the darkness it digests its own body and emerges transformed as a butterfly.  The translational activity of cocoon building and butterfly becoming is not something it thinks about… it just does it. It does not read about mystic caterpillars of days past or meditate to encourage emergence of its internal butterfly-ness, nor even does it gather occasionally with like minded caterpillars for … Read more

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Article on by Dr. Matt and Heather about learning from insecurity. How can we grow and change by paying attention to our feelings of insecurity? This article gives some ideas…. Enjoy…..

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And now research shows: The truth will set you free

Great discussion of integrity, truth telling and recent research on health from a colleague who practices energy medicine, Bonnie Hammond:

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Ask Dr. Matt and Heather– Family Ties

Dear Dr. Matt and Heather–   Q: My biggest stressor is my family.  Husband and 2 daughters that constantly have drama in their lives that I get drug along through.  How do I let go of the outcome of their lives but still stay engaged with them?  I care about all of them and want them to be happy and calm so that I can be happy and calm, but it seems like as soon as one crisis concludes another one starts up.  It’s driving me crazy. —  Family Ties   A: Letting go and still remaining engaged is the … Read more

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Wellness at Work – It’s Working!


There are some very well-known healthcare trends in this country. Our health is declining. Our healthcare costs are skyrocketing. What might be less widely recognized is a more encouraging development: workplace-based wellness programs are being adopted at increasingly rapid rates. IBISWorld, the nation’s largest publisher of industry market research and statistics, reports that (wellness) industry revenue will increase at an average annual rate of 9.8% over the next five years to $2.9 billion. Considering that medical costs can eat up nearly 50% of a company’s profits, this trend makes a lot of sense. These costs stem from a number of … Read more

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Moving to Mindfulness


Mindfulness is very “in” right now. This practice of bringing attention to the present rather than the worries of yesterday and tomorrow is growing in popularity – police officers, office workers, even politicians are doing it. Congressman Tim Ryan even wrote a book about it. Titled, A Mindful Nation, his book purports to tell “How a Simple Practice Can Help Us Reduce Stress, Improve Performance, and Recapture the American Spirit.”  This is a good first step.  Our book, Sustainable Wellness, expands upon his section on health care and delivers a proven sustainable approach for individuals to follow. While mindfulness and … Read more

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