Beloved Community

There are 3 things that must be present in order for transformation to occur. One is a path that works. The other is being able to see that a person has followed that path successfully. The third is a community in which to practice.

The community aspect has been the most difficult for me to find.  This beloved community does not need to meet in a room with walls, nor have a similar belief system. But in order to be beloved, it would seem that the community must be present, vulnerable and accessible.

Here is a wonderful quote from American philosopher Josiah Royce about this community and how, even though it may not be currently present, we can live in such a way to be consistent with its values. Maybe that is enough.


I believe in the beloved community and in the spirit that makes it beloved.

And in the communion of all who are,

In will and in deed,

Its members.

I see no such community as yet.

Nonetheless, my rule of life is to act so as to hasten its coming.


– Josiah Royce

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