front-coverMost of us know what’s good for us and what would improve the quality of our health and lives. The challenge is creating a sustainable health plan that works for us. A multitude of programs, diets, exercises, etc., can be found for almost every condition, problem, or difficulty, and many of these are helpful. Yet, how frequently do we try a new set of exercises or another diet only to quit with a sense of failure? Constant access to new information can be stressful, even overwhelming. Forcing yourself into a one-size-fits-all framework of rules and expectations usually leads to disappointment. In the process, we allow the tools to become more important than we are. Ironically, the most powerful techniques are neutral in nature. It’s how and when we apply them that have the greatest power to affect us.

In Sustainable Wellness, we introduce a series of safe and reliable techniques that can help you make the adjustments needed to rebalance yourself as you move through the stages of life. These particular techniques come out of Dr. Matt’s extensive training and experience as an integrative radiation oncologist and Heather’s experience as a yoga and meditation teacher. This book reflects our decade of work with people facing challenges of all kinds, including life-threatening ones. Whether you’re looking for better health, stress reduction, or a greater sense of inner peace, we encourage you to explore and embrace the tools that resonate with you. Many of these techniques are supported by scientific study, and some have been practiced for millennia. They will kindle results as various as the individuals using them. It’s been our great privilege to share “aha” moments and humbling to witness lives transformed. After interacting with hundreds of participants, we’ve learned it’s the familiar tools consistently applied that facilitate the greatest benefit and become our strongest allies. And we’ve seen that consistency is possible. Sustainable Wellness will show you how. We’ll share our inspirations, like the retired teacher who stuck sticky notes on walls with reminders to stop and stretch before sitting down to the crossword puzzle. We’ll also give examples, like the man who came to see stopping at traffic lights as an opportunity to focus on breathing in the present moment.

Table of Contents


Part I: Laying the Foundation for Lasting Health

Chapter 1: Defining Health and Wellness
Chapter 2: Creating the Container

Part II – Eight Steps to Lasting Health

Begin Now
Chapter 3: Mindfulness
Chapter 4: Know Thyself
Chapter 5: Life Review and Planning
Chapter 6: Beginning Again
Chapter 7: Nutrition
Chapter 8: Physical Activity
Chapter 9: Stress Management
Chapter 10: Spirituality
Chapter 11: Bringing It All Together

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