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Brief Review of Conference: Advances in Meditation Research: Neuroscience and Clinical Applications


Heather and I attended this conference in New York City on January 17th, 2013. The meeting was held in the World Trade Center Complex, Building 7.  For a non-city dweller, it was difficult to identify the building even after getting explicit directions from the hotel concierge.  After walking right past the entrance, a helpful police officer pointed at the 60 story glass-fronted building and said, in a wonderful New York City accent:  “It’s right there in front of you—you can’t miss it.”  I walked toward it, around it, and eventually Heather appeared near the entrance.  We walked in and the … Read more

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The Healer Within


“The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.” -Hippocrates Today, many of us place a great deal of power in the hands of doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies in order to “get healthy.” Turning to external resources for help seems to be the norm. Feeling sick? Schedule a doctor’s appointment or pop a pill and you’ll feel better. Sadly, many of us have lost track of the incredible capacity of the human body to heal itself. It is fairly easy to recognize our body’s ability to heal itself naturally. If you’ve ever … Read more

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Wellness at Work – It’s Working!


There are some very well-known healthcare trends in this country. Our health is declining. Our healthcare costs are skyrocketing. What might be less widely recognized is a more encouraging development: workplace-based wellness programs are being adopted at increasingly rapid rates. IBISWorld, the nation’s largest publisher of industry market research and statistics, reports that (wellness) industry revenue will increase at an average annual rate of 9.8% over the next five years to $2.9 billion. Considering that medical costs can eat up nearly 50% of a company’s profits, this trend makes a lot of sense. These costs stem from a number of … Read more

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Patient-Centered Medical Homes – A Complete Care Concept


As healthcare costs continue to increase and the health of this nation’s citizens declines, many are recognizing that good health comes not only from quality medical care but often, stopping disease before it even starts. This focus on prevention – often referred to as “wellness” – is being embraced in all areas of healthcare as we are finally recognizing that it will take a collective effort by everyone – healthcare institutions, businesses, educators, government and communities – to create a healthier nation. One strategy that is gaining attention is the concept of a “Primary Care Medical Home.” According to Joint … Read more

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Change and You


Reaching a state of health and wellness is just half of the process—sustaining wellness is the other half. And if you have made changes purposefully in your life before now, you probably know that often, however well-intentioned, they don’t seem to last. The key to making a sustainable change, one that is lasting, is recognizing the difference between translational change and transformational change. We will be talking about this difference often, but briefly, you might recognize translational change as one that gets us from point A to point B and has an end-point of just a few weeks—like starting a … Read more

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