Change and You

zen of changeReaching a state of health and wellness is just half of the process—sustaining wellness is the other half. And if you have made changes purposefully in your life before now, you probably know that often, however well-intentioned, they don’t seem to last.

The key to making a sustainable change, one that is lasting, is recognizing the difference between translational change and transformational change. We will be talking about this difference often, but briefly, you might recognize translational change as one that gets us from point A to point B and has an end-point of just a few weeks—like starting a new diet or exercise program. Translational change is one most of us have experienced, often more than once in our lives.

Contrast translational change with transformational change which is open-ended. Transformational change asks us to risk loss and isolation as we move away from our cultural norms and let go of old perspectives and behaviors. But if we can meet the challenges of transformational change, the outcome can be profoundly positive, leaving us with the gift of sustainable wellness.

Here are some questions to think about around the way you have experienced change in the past:

  • When was the last time you made a major change in your life?
  • Why did you make that change?
  • Did the change come from an internal drive, or did some outside force play a role?
  • How did it impact your life? How long did the change last?


Change in all things is sweet.

- Aristotle

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