On Looking from the Inside Out

The gift of a life threatening illness can be that it causes us to stop and reflect on those parts of ourselves we would rather not examine. Do we need to wait for some major event to happen look at our life in a different way? If we apply our awareness to our self with a gentle and open curiosity, perhaps we can live each day more in tune with the preciousness that abounds both inside and outside of our self. Awareness, forgiveness and acceptance can make all things new!

Living from the inside out is illustrated by this poem a patient brought me.  He wrote it while under treatment for rectal cancer.

When a tumor decides to grow in your sigmoid colon,
By necessity you re-orient yourself
From looking outside yourself
Into your unknown innerst,
Realizing that life is sometimes like an old sock you forgot to turn inside out to wash.
- August deBerdt

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