The Enneagram – a Tool for Self Understanding

In the quest for discovering your authentic self – that is, the unique way you interact with life – there must be a commitment to “living in the moment.”  This may initially seem like a difficult task, but actually it is our natural state of interacting with the world. Unfortunately, as we develop through life, the distractions of modern culture encourages us to relegate taking the time to understand ourselves to last place on our “To Do” list. The 21st century word for this crowding within our lives is “multitasking.”  But we are creatures of body, mind and soul – nourishing those should be Priority #1.

One way to begin the process of finding your authentic self is to use a tool called the Enneagram.  It is a useful guide to help you identify your dominant personality tendencies. As you begin to see your dominant traits emerging in the present moment, you can see more clearly why another person may be “pushing your buttons.”

enneagramFor example, if your Enneagram personality type is a “2″ – the Helper – you can evaluate a situation you encounter in the the present moment to determine if you want to respond primarily because you fear being unloved, or use this as an opportunity to express your genuine basic desire to be a source of love and real help.  There are no wrong answers, only rushed answers that generally result in deciding to do something that prevents you from being true to your higher and best self.

Learning to live and react to life in the moment means that you can evaluate every situation clearly in the context of understanding your dominant personality tendencies. Remember though, the beauty of using the Ennagram as your guide to a deeper  understanding of yourself is that it allows for the continuum of life.  That is, we can grow and change because we have learned to observe ourselves with eyes wide open, and take control of our actions in a self-informed way. When you live in the present moment, you leave the “should zone” behind and strengthen your wholeness.

For now, just take the QUEST (Quick Enneagram Sorting Test) which is brief and nearly always accurate for identifying personality types. Use this link to visit the website featuring Riso and Hudson’s “Understanding the Enneagram: The Practical Guide to Personality Types.” The whole concept of an Enneagram is complex so start out slowly.

Please use our Share page to describe your own strategies for “living in the present moment” including your experience using the Enneagram to identify your dominant personality tendencies.

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