Welcome to Sustainable Wellness Online

“Wellness is the individual experience of that balanced state we call health.”

Matt Mumber, MD
Sustainable Wellness—An Integrative Approach to
Transform Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

healthy lifestyleMost people would probably agree that wellness is a goal worth attaining and sustaining. The term “wellness” describes much more than just those periods of time between illnesses in our lives—it describes a lifestyle. Wellness is the result of making changes in your whole life, anchored by the understanding of the body as a whole system. We often refer to this systemic view as the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection. Each of these three components requires attention to support the interconnectedness among them.

Our interest is in giving you the tools you need to ensure that the changes you make to achieve sustainable wellness now will last the rest of your life. We welcome you on this journey, and hope you can begin right now to visualize yourself successfully making the changes that are in harmony with your goal of achieving sustainable wellness—for the rest of your life.

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